Frozen and incorrect DJI OSD stats after 4.1.0 to 4.2 update

I have the F765-WSE. I chose F765-SE when upgrading, as is recommended by Matek.

Watts, amps, and airspeed are stuck at some value that seems to be from initial launch (666watts). The battery voltage may be stuck too. It never decremented. I checked that the settings are correct, against the settings recommended by matek. (They were working and correct when using 4.1.0)

What could cause this? This was the first flight after upgrading from 4.1.0 to 4.2.3.

I checked the bin (logs) and the data (amps, volts, air speed) were varying, and seemed correct. Something was causing DJI OSD data to freeze…

I flew another flight today. The DJI OSD stats are correct initially. Then, right after launch the following stats are stuck/frozen at what seems to be their reading during lunch:
Air speed

Also, the distance to home metric keeps bouncing between 5,000 ft and 6mi

The other stats seem to be fine, like direction to home, GPS coordinates, altitude ascent, descent rate.

Also, the mavlink stats being sent back to q ground control on my phone seem to also be correct.

@tridge @yaapu Do any of the developers check these posts? Seems like it wouldn’t be much trouble to check and see what posts are new for about 10 minutes a day. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Confirmed on my side, same pattern

Hi David, please remenber that many of us do this in their “free” time, at least I do, so please do not expect an instant response.

I just tested this in SITL (the simulator) using Copter 4.2.3 and it is working as expected, my setup has 2 screens, OSD1 with live telemetry and OSD2 with stats,
OSD2_ENABLE 1.000000
OSD2_STATS_EN 1.000000
OSD2_MESSAGE_EN 1.000000
OSD2_MESSAGE_X 14.000000
OSD2_MESSAGE_Y 3.000000
OSD2_ARMING_EN 1.000000
OSD2_ARMING_X 12.000000
OSD2_ARMING_Y 0.000000
OSD2_ALTITUDE_X 11.000000
OSD2_ALTITUDE_Y 6.000000
OSD2_BATUSED_EN 1.000000
OSD2_BATUSED_X 12.000000
OSD2_BATUSED_Y 11.000000
OSD2_BAT_VOLT_EN 1.000000
OSD2_BAT_VOLT_X 12.000000
OSD2_BAT_VOLT_Y 8.000000
OSD2_CLK_EN 1.000000
OSD2_CLK_X 12.000000
OSD2_CLK_Y 0.000000
OSD2_CURRENT_EN 1.000000
OSD2_CURRENT_X 11.000000
OSD2_CURRENT_Y 9.000000
OSD2_GPSLAT_EN 1.000000
OSD2_GPSLAT_X 9.000000
OSD2_GPSLAT_Y 13.000000
OSD2_GPSLONG_EN 1.000000
OSD2_GPSLONG_X 9.000000
OSD2_GPSLONG_Y 14.000000
OSD2_GSPEED_EN 1.000000
OSD2_GSPEED_X 13.000000
OSD2_GSPEED_Y 5.000000
OSD2_HOMEDIST_X 13.000000
OSD2_HOMEDIST_Y 7.000000
OSD2_RSSI_EN 1.000000
OSD2_RSSI_X 13.000000
OSD2_RSSI_Y 10.000000

I use channel 16 to switch screens, all stats have a value of 0 before takeoff.

I just tested this in SITL (the simulator) using Copter 4.2.3 and it is working as expected,

That must mean that the simulator isn’t able to simulate the problem, or the right conditions were not met in the simulator to reproduce it.

Either way, the problem exists. Myself and the other developer experienced it.

Remember what was mentioned earlier, the metrics seemed fine until takeoff, at which time that specific metrics mentioned in the previous post get stuck at the takeoff values.

I need to investigate further on this issue, as I am just starting into DJI OSD stuff :wink:
Here are my parameters:

  • ArduPlane 4.2.3
    SERIAL2_BAUD |115
    Flight Controller is a PIXRACER
    Both the Goggles and Air Unit (RUNCAM)are running …0606

I will try @yaapu configuration above and report back.

I’ve done a full lfight, stats are updated in flight, at least in SITL, can you do a video please, of the main OSD screen and the stats screen? No takeoff required, simply arm and let the motor spin to accumulate some mAh

I have since switched over to wtfos. :upside_down_face: @ppoirier may still have things set up to reproduce it.

Thanks Patrick, I can only try a bench setup, so I need help in diagnosing this