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Front-end engineer to work on the new UAVCAN GUI software

We are looking to hire a front-end engineer experienced in modern web technologies to work on the new cross-platform GUI solution for UAVCAN v1. This is going to be a replacement for the old UAVCAN GUI tool, which one can familiarize themselves with at; also see the screenshots and videos at the end of this post.

The related discussions and technical requirements are currently available at:

The current early-stage WIP sources are already available on GitHub:

The final product will be released under the MIT license under the UAVCAN organization on GitHub.

We expect that the project will require at least 4 man-months of full-time commitment. Upon completion, we would welcome the candidate to continue the full-time employment in the position of an application software engineer at Zubax Robotics .

We are open to remote collaboration, but it’s a plus if the candidate is based near Tallinn, Estonia or Moscow, Russia (we have R&D facilities in these two cities so it’d be logistically simpler).

If you are interested, please email or DM me on the UAVCAN forum.

Below is a set of screenshots and videos showcasing the old GUI tool. The new application is going to provide a more sensible UX and much-expanded feature set focused on UAVCAN v1 – the first stable release of the protocol.

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