From ver 1.3.65 my plugin cannot load anymore

I successfully made a plugin for MP( and building in 1.3.63). Now it does not load, from v 1.3.65. I see pluginloader.cs has changed, so I tried to build MP with latest source.

Unfortunately I get a lot of errors related to UsbSerialForAndroid when building from latest source.
Many projects in the solution get this kind of error:

NU1105: Unable to find project information for ‘G:\project\MissionPlanner-1.3.66\ExtLibs\UsbSerialForAndroid\UsbSerialForAndroid.csproj’. Inside Visual Studio, this may be because the project is unloaded or not part of current solution. Otherwise the project file may be invalid or missing targets required for restore.

and projects are failed.

I really do need some info of why this occur, if I am doing something really wrong, miss to setup vs 2017 or whatever.

I be happy to supply more info if needed.


To build latest versions, you must install Mobile development extensions and set the processor type to x86. (This latest step is optional, but in my case helped).

Make sure that your plugin named as MissionPlanner.[pluginname].dll

I will try that!

Thank you very much!

Hello Eosbandi!

My plugin is working again, I can build it OK!

No need to rename it, I just call it LPlugin.dll, working ok.

Only errors now are Xamarin project not building correct, but that does not harm my plugin.

Thank’s again, really appreciate your help!

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