Free fall and crashed in Stabilize Mode

My Quad Copter had some other issue that cause it flied up in RTL mode. I tried lowering the throttle to the bottom, and switching to Loiter mode, however, by mistake, I switched to Stabilize Mode, and then the Quad Copter leaned and “Free fall” to the ground.

It seems minimum rate (MOT_SPIN_ARMED) can not Stabilize the Quad Copter at all, and I’m wondering whether Stabilize Mode should be designed so that even the throttle is lowered to the bottom, if the aircraft is still in air, Stabilize Mode can keep a reasonable throttle level, to provide minimum “Stabilize” (the drone keep level)

The motors go to minimum when you put the stick to minimum in stabilize mode. Minimum is minimum, period. There is no stabilization, as the motors would then not be at minimum. If you want to keep a reasonable throttle level for stabilization in stabilize mode, you should do so with the stick.

That said, I know sometimes the human nature response is “OMG [stick down]”. Which I have done myself and nearly wrecked. If you’re worried about this happening a lot, you can always use a switch on your RC controller to prevent the throttle output from going to minimum.