Frame Type Discussion - Quad VS Hex VS Octo

Hey Everyone,

Just wanted to start up a discussion on the different multirotor frame types (quad, hex, octo, etc.) and see what everyone thinks about each layout currently. In the past I recognize that quadcopters have been looked down upon because of their lack of propulsion redundancy, but I have been seeing many large companies (DJI, FreeFly, etc.) start moving towards them because of all the other benefits they supply. I think this is because motors and ESCs are currently very reliable in this day and age - with the need for propulsion redundancy becoming less of a crucial factor as the industry evolves. Nonetheless, just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are!

Personally, if I am doing anything hobbyist/for fun - my go to is a quadcopter. Gives me the best flight time and is the cheapest to build. If I am carry an expensive payload or am flying over structures/people - then I go the hexacopter route. Lastly, an X8 is my go to if a hexacopter is deemed to large of an aircraft but the redundancy is still required.

Yes, the rational answer is what you are pointing.

Something small or just for fun, a quad is cheaper.
If the payload is expensive, the octo would give you important redundancy.
Even if you are using good quality materials, redundancy is important. I have seen many crashes because a bad soldering, because a propeller flies away… Many things can happen.

But I also consider my personal feelings. For a personal filming drone (I mean a UAV with a Go Pro for personal use) I love Hexas. They are very stable, powerful for big batteries, nice looking when flying…

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Hey @andresrc,

Thats what I was thinking. I have been moving away from octocopters and more towards hexacopters for my expensive payloads because hex’s usually offer redundancy for one propulsion failure. I have never had two motors/propellers/ESCs go down at once - so the extra redundancy of an octocopter doesn’t really seem that important to me. When I lost a propulsion system all I want is to land safely. Even though a hex loses yaw - I can still easily navigate home and land.

What are your thoughts on the new FreeFly Alta aircraft that is a quadcopter. Seems like it is designed to hold imaging systems worth 25k+ - but they are using a quadcopter. If it were me, I would try and use a hex for this job - but FreeFly probably has more knowledge than me on this matter. :slight_smile: