Frame type Change?

The problem I am trying to change to a hex frame type from Quad X . i have installed the Firmware for the hex copter but when i get to step 4 pick your frame type in the wizard it only shows X H Y6B and T I have tried it on my other computer and I’m getting the same thing. also tied installing firmware for other frame types to see if it would change anything and still the same
Thanks for any help in advance!!

Hello I was told the best way to fix this problem would be to go into CLI and do a factory reset by clearing the EEPROM.and then setup. The problem is that when in CLI and click connect all i get is scrolling text down the page… not the setup test erase etc like my other boards. the firmware is 3.2.1 Is there another way i can clear the EEPROM or fix this problem? … t.jpg?dl=0