Frame size issue

Hello all,

I am a naive drone developer and I did a disastrous mistake in the initial stage of my drone development. I have ordered S550 hexacopter frame and MAD components motor with 18*6.1 inch propellers. The arm length of the frame is 233mm hence I am unable to fit motors on the frame, as they are colliding. I have already spent lots of money on this equipment so can someone suggest a way out in this scenario. Cheaper props need shaft with thread but MAD5008 300KV does not have threads and shaft length is also small. Can someone help me out in this scenario? Thanks in advance.

All of those components are incompatible.
The largest props that will fit on a 550 hex is 10.5"
5008 300kv motors are not suited to 10" props. 14" would be the smallest on 6S power.
The S550 is a cheap plastic frame and cannot handle the weight of those motors.
The motors except T-style props.

If you keep the motors you will need a much larger hex frame.

Thank you for the reply. I have decided to switch to bigger hex frame.