Frame selection

I am really confused about ,weather to use H or X configaration, as X config is preferred over H config , I want to use H config for the fact that H config have more space to accumulate components like esc ,away from main components like flight controller and receiver with are disturbed by esc, in H config esc can be mounted on the two junctions of H which is far from main component. But in X we have to mount esc near the main components like bottom/ above the flight controller. Also I has doubt that is H stable like X keeping the firmware and frame shape same please help me where to mount esc so that fc is less affected and stable configaration.

This isn’t a big problem. Just look at the 4-in1 ESC, Flight Controller stacks with one directly over the other. I have many in this configuration. Some with the receiver right over the stack.

Build the frame you want.

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I have Quad X8 with 2 4in1 ESCs mounted in the center and just below the flight controller. Also there’s an RFD900X (not in this photo) mounted close to the ESCs and there isnt any problems.
Built a couple of X format like this now, with the ESCs inboard and long motor wires :slight_smile:

This is a view from underneath during construction

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