Frame Plus: Loiter mode copter not straight when forward/backward

When I tried with Frame Plus (AC3.3.3), loiter mode is ok when static point, but when I push pitch up and down ( forward & backward), the copter doesn’t fly as a straight line, it always toward to right when forward, meanwhile to left when backward, I’ve tried with TRIM_X/Y but seems no help with this issue. Here is my log file, does anybody can give me a hint because for now I’ve no idea with dealing this issue, tks!
Here’s my log bin file: (sorry, I’ve to put it in webdisk for it’s too big)

Are you sure your frame is a plus? It almost sounds like you’ve set up the frame as a plus when it likely should be an X.

Tks for reply. The param ‘frame’ is 0,should be plus, right?

Not sure. What does your frame look like in relation to the FC orientation? How is it wired?