Frame: hexa , problem in on 3 & 4 motors that turns after disarming (10 s)

Hello everyone

by following the tutorial on the wiki and video
I calibrated the bosole and the magnetometer
I calibrate the ESCs with the method -All calibration at once
There are always two motors, 3 and 4 in a HEXA frame that turns 10 seconds longer after disarming
so I did the manual ESC-by-ESC calibration followed by an additional final automatic calibration
the speed of all the motors is the same, but at the moment of disarmament there are two motors 3 and 4 which rotate at a minimum speed (10 seconds),

as you can see it on this little video where you can see when I disarm the motors, they stop all, except motors 3 and 4 (10 second)
Isn’t it dangerous to put the real propellers on the engines, and to pilot the drone???
if not, how is the problem solved?

thanks for any help: slight_smile:

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