Frame for indoor flying and filming

Hi all,

Let me first introduce my project a bit:

I’m working on a project that will serve as a proof of concept for professional indoor drone flying and filming using pre-programmed flight paths. The idea is to have drones fly very precisely (and with precise camera movements) using an indoor positioning system very similar to pozyx:

I am creating the 3d flight planning (and camera movement) software myself, which will communicate trough 433 telemetry with Ardupilot running on a pixhawk flight controller board.
In this prove of concept I will simple by using a GoPro mounted on a gimbal, but the final product would be equipped with something like a Blackmagic micro.

The problem:

I have bought an already assembled DJI F450 frame with the gimbal, GoPro, Pixhawk etc. But this frame is to large to fly indoors (and trough open windows for example). So I need to now switch to something smaller. It needs to be able to have the GoPro on a gimbal on there, and needs to be stable enough to shoot video with. I was thinking of switching to the F330 frame size, but I’m pretty new to the whole drone market.

So I was wandering if you know of any other frames that I could use? Maybe smaller or lighter ones?
(preferably with enough power potential to lift the Blackmagic also).

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