FPV VTX antenna R or L polarisation when upside down

Hi all,
I cant think straight here :roll_eyes:

I have a fixed wing with a RHCP (right hand circular polarized) fpv video transmitter, works fine as the video receiver is also a RHCP antenna.
Now, I consider to mount the Antenna at the bottom of the plane facing downward to the ground. Lots of lipo and other obstacles in the frame is better avoided from underneath.

Will this mean that the ground receiver need to be a LHCP antenna?
Since the VTX RHCP is upside down?

Hi Karl,

Itโ€™s not that difficult. Just think for the antenna polarization like a screw. It doesnโ€™t matter which way you orient the screw. A right hand threaded screw will always be right handed (and keeps fitting a right hand threaded nut).

Hope this helps.

Thanks Sascha, yep it helps.

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