FPV over telemetry

hello!! I need help with my hardware configuration. I have one F550 APM 2.6 drone with basic parts. So… I want buy telemetry and i need know - can i make somehow FPV over telemetry ?? I want start using TOWER app and i dont want buying single parts for FPV (Monitor, radio, etc…)

And next what i need. Is this telemetry applicable ? (http://1url.cz/gtKbc)

I will welcome all advice.

No you can’t is the very short answer. Two different things. You can have telemetry data, speed height heading as an overlay on your FPV video feed. But the data sent to Tower is from a different sort of radio, the ones you linked in fact.

oh… so i need buy fpv and lcd :frowning:

but thank you :slight_smile:

and i want to ask… have somebody experiences with 3d mapping ??

And how long time usually drone flying?? because i want to buy one 10000mah battery and i want know how long usually drone flying with this capacity of battery. (i have 6x 30A esc, 6x 1000kv motors)

You have to ask can your platform lift it with your camera! 3D mapping is for another thread BTW