FPV camera with lan port (or adaptor) for H16 and H30

Hi there,

I am new in this forum, and I don’t know if maybe has this been discussed in another post, I have search without result, also asked different manufacturers and engineers.

I am looking for an FPV camera (4k prefered) to be used with the Skydroid H16 and the new Skydroid H30, both have lan connectors.
See the diagrams:

I have two doubts:
1- Is there a 4kFPV camera with LAN port already? (should be plug and play)
2- Can an FPV camera (Hawkeye for example) be adapted and used with LAN port?

Thanks in advanced for your support.

You can use the SIYI cameras with it. I’ve used the A2 mini without issue.

Thanks Michael, this could be an alternative but there is no Siyi FPV cameras with 4K quality.
I have seen that the Hawkeye have been adapted to Herelink and HDMI port, any idea if it could be also adapted to this LAN ports?

Could you use the SIYI A8 mini? That is 4K capable.

We need it FPV and fixed, without gimbal…

I am also interested on connect a camera to Skydroid H16. Does SIYI A2 Mini require any connector adaptation to LAN H16 connector?

You’ll have to splice it in to the LAN connector on the H16. Remember its straight through, so R+ to R+/T+ to T- etc