FPV Camera feed to Mission Planner HUD

How can I feed my fpv camera’s feed to the Mission Planner HUD like I’ve seen people do? In Planner under Video Device, there are no options.

Matek F405-SE FC (running latest Ardupilot - Matek F405-Wing target) with a RunCam Swift 2 camera.

I’ve tried getting the video feed on the HUD via direct micro USB and my 3DR 915 MHz Radio (using mavlink protocol), but I can’t get it to work anywhere.

Any suggestions?

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Not sure if bumping this will help, but my issue is unresolved. FC is clearly getting camera feed through atleast the onboard osd, but Mission Planner cannot see the footage.

Am I missing something, or am I trying to do something that requires additional hardware?

what type video receiver are you using on the ground station and are you windows PC ?

Yes, how is the vid rx connected to pc and routed to mission planner? There are vid options in mp

You can not get video via a telemetry radio, the bandwidth is too low. There are USB analogue video receivers. They are recognized as USB cameras by Windows or Android phones. Make sure the receiver matches your video transmitter, if you already have one.
Here is one asan example: