Foxeer falkor 2 image noise


I use a Foxeer Falcor camera with a Race Ranger 5.8 Ghz transmitter.
The receiver is a 5.8G UVC receiver.
But I only get a picture with a lot of noise and very coarse grained.

Does anyone here know a solution for this problem?


You will need to provide a lot more detail than that to get any definitive answers.
Pics of the setup would also help.

Have you tried different camera/video inputs to the Tx?
Have you tried different antenna?
Where are you testing, inside or out or both?
What range are you getting?
Amount of noise when close and distant, same or more?

I trust you get the idea

Hello, Mike,

thanks for your answer.
I got rid of the picture noise.
I think it was a bad connection.

The low resolution of 640x480 pixels
still exists, however. Unfortunately it is not possible to set a higher resolution under Ardupilot.
Are there any special drivers to solve the problem?



The resolution you are getting will be a function of the cameras settings.
Have you gone into the cameras menu and checked output resolution?

With the Falcor 2 mini, the resolution cannot be set.
Under the settings in the MP I find 640X480 points as the highest resolution for the video overlay.
Do you have more choices there?

again, pretty rough guessing based on the limited information provided. OTG-type 5.8 video receivers usually have a fixed output resolution of 640 x 480 (VGA), which practically is the lowest common denominator for composite video conversion.
your falkor camera has a (fixed) resolution of 1200 tvl, which will give a pretty good analog image quality, but what you finally see on your PC’s screen is the physical and technical limitations of analog video transmission and conversion.
a configurable converter like an EasyCAP-style video grabber might allow video output format scaling within the above mentioned limitations.
if you’re looking for a fundamentally better video quality, you likely won’t get past looking at HD video transmission.

cheers, basti.

Hello Basti,

many for your detailed explanation.
You have really answered all questions.
I’m not really interested in HD broadcasting. I was just surprised that no other resolution can be set although the camera can deliver a better picture.
But as I said, thank you very much for your technically very good explanation.