Foxeer 5W Reaper Infinity no OSD, unable to control the VTX power and band and channel

I decided to get a more powerful video transmitter from Foxeer, connected power, ground, video; RX cable of the transmitter to TX pin of the autopilot, selected the appropriate IRCTramp protocol (half-duplex and tx pulldown) or (just half-duplex bitmask). In all cases I have video but no OSD display and I have no control over channel, band and power of my vtx. I will attach the parameter list file.

params_no_osd_issue_irctramp.param (19.1 KB)

Can you retest with ArduPlane 4.6.0-Dev version?

Retested it with arduplane 4.6.0-dev on mission planner 1.3.81 build 1.3.8741.25556
Now I have no video, just a gray screen.

The previous issue was with arduplane 4.5.3-stable