Forwarding with rfd900x

Hi, I am currently trying to create a setup where I have 3 rfd900x, 1 GCS, 2 vehicles. I want to be able to control both pixhawk vehicles with 1 GCS but communicating to 1 vehicle via the other one, i.e forwarding the data using one node as a relay. I was able to do so using the Multipoint 2.9 version of rfd900x but the only problem is that i need to connect the RX TX of the UART of the relay node, making that modem useless as a communication modem to the relay vehicle. Is there a way to be able to receive data from both vehicles, one directly to the GCS and one using the middle node as a relay?
Node 1: Middle vehicle (can “see” all nodes) aka Master, relay.
Node 2: Second vehicle (can “see” only node 1)
Node 3: GCS (can “see” only node 1)


I was not able to make this work using the latest Async Mesh firmware as well…