Forward speed too low in my new Traxxas Stampede

I´ve finished my first Rover using a Traxas Stampede (serial brushed motor and NMH batteries).

In Manual mode it goes very slow fwd and very quick backwards. For a manual use I need to push the stick to the end to get 2-3 m/s about, not more.

The problem is when I launch an AUTO, I can heard the motor trying to start but is not enough to start moving. I need more power to go fwd, like the one I have bwd.

I´m using deffauld params for the moment. I see there is THR_MAX = 100, can´t increase more.

It looks that APM is not sending high enough PWM values to the ESC. I´m using RC3_MAX = 1915.

Is ther any place describing the params?

Any idea why this happens?

Thanks for your help


Have you calibrated your transmitter to the Stampede ESC? Also, have you calibrated your transmitter to the APM using the CLI? The CRUISE_THROTTLE parameter sets the initial motor drive in AUTO while the CRUISE_SPEED parameter sets the speed that the rover will try to move at when in AUTO.
What brand of R/C equipment are you using?

Hi, thanks for your help.

I’m using a Futaba fp8. I use it for Arducopter also.

I’ve performed the tx calibration in the configuration (not un CLI).
I did’nt performed any calibration on the Stampede ESC. How can be done.



You will need to be in the manual mode with the R/C transmitter on, the APM on, but the ESC off. There are instructions that come with the Stampede or on-line at the Traxxas website for the Stampede.

I suggest that you read the Traxxas instructions for calibrating your transmitter with the Stamped ESC. You will use the elevator joystick as the throttle input to the ESC.

In general, I believe that the Traxxas instructions have you hold down the ESC on button until it blinks once and you run the elevator joystick to full forward and then when the led blinks twice you pull the elevator joystick back to full backwards and then you should get a green led indicating the ESC is programmed.


thanks for the info.

Done. Now working perfectly.

I’ve done already several auto missions and RTH succesfully. I’m using as GCS an Android tablet (Nexus7) with the very good Droidplanner tool and 3DR data connection.

All working very well!

When doing an auto mission, let say a square path, it performs a kinda spline, passing by the square corners. What parameters control the acuracy of the run? I’d like to be more close to the real path. (Using deffaults for the moment)

Thanks again