Forums Broken - Splash screen is blocking all elements and is invisible

Whenever I reload a page on there is an invisible splash screen ontop that blocks all my interaction with the website. This happens if I reload or the first visit per tab, after that its fine.
I use ublock Origin and chrome, but disabling uBlock does not fix the splash screen.
My only option is to open the inspector and delete the “d-splash” element

this is only happening on a specific login of Chrome (other chrome logins don’t have this issue, difference is extensions). Firefox does not produce the issue. I assume this is on my end, but maybe it affects more than just me.

extensions on the broken chrome login: ublock origin, auto quality for Youtube, SponsorBlock for youtube, Wikipedia on top, Discussion Button for google search.

The issue appears to be the extension “Auto Quality for Youtube” which has access to “All Sites”, after disabling this extension the splash page is gone.