Forced disarm in flight

Sorry for my English
i have problem with speening motors during aprox. 30sec after landing, with no reation on Disarm Stick position. (AltHold and Loiter mode)
in my opinion the controller considers that copter is in flight by barometric readings and prohibits disarm.
the same result is obtained when moving up and down armed copter wired to MP - disarm by stick combination prohibited and can be done only after stand still.

is here any way to perform forced immediate disarm by APM in any situation like in any moment of flight

Could you please provide tlogs and/or data flash logs to help troubleshoot your issue.

the flight logs will be ready in a few days.

is there in the Mission Planer settings that can provide disarming engines in flight?

You could possibly program a switch on your transmitter to cut throttle pwm to something just above your throttle failsafe but below your minimum pwm when the throttle stick is down.

But that seems quite risky to me. Why not land, switch to stabilise and then disarm?

this step is necessary only in case of a crash, for instant stop motors when copter jammed in the bushes, or try to fly away for example.

Hi LeTyH, then set the MOT_SPIN_ARMED option to false and cut the throttle, I’d recommend against it however as having the motors spin (even at the lowest option, and it only spins for 6-7 seconds before being auto dis-armed) with the throttle at a minimum has reduced damage to my build’s when they’ve got stuck in tree/hedge’s.

Prop’s are easily replaceable, repairing frame parts not so much. :wink: