Force zero throttle when descending in LOITER_TO_ALT

I have a mission with 2 waypoints. First is loiter to alt 150m. second is loiter to alt 50 m. The LAT and LON are set to zero for both.
The plane ascends and then descends. During the the descent the plane is using a motor a lot. This is not necessary, I want it to glide down in LOITER_TO_ALT. Is there a way to force zero throttle in descend?


First guess: increase TECS_SINK_MAX. Default it’s set to 2m/s to be on the save side of the plane envelope.
This is part of TECS tuning as found in the wiki.
For a more detailed investigation a log file could help.


My bad, default TECS_SINK_MAX is 5m/s.
Nonetheless it describes the maximum allowed sink rate the controller will try to achieve (with or without applying throttle).