Force Auto mode for tests

Is there a way to force Auto mode, even if the usual requirements (e.g. GPS lock) are not satisfied? I think it could be useful to run tests and debug code indoor.

The requirement are exactly here to prevent doing this … AUTO mode need a good state estimation from the EKF to work for now, so disabling the requirement will just crash the drone …
You can look on how to disable some Arming_check and force arm, but you will just crash your drone. Try on SITL first to see the effect !

Yes you can arm, but the mission doesn’t start if you cannot enable Auto mode.
I think you can run missions safely indoors. I use Rover and I just put the vehicle elevated from ground (for example on top of a box) so the wheels spin and turn but the vehicle doesn’t go anywhere, ehehe! For a drone, you can remove the propellers.
It would be useful to run missions indoors in my opinion, maybe not for the average user but definitely for developers. SITL doesn’t tell you the full story!

I am a bit confused. How are you trying to run auto missions without any type of GPS or localization?

Well I understand that you are confused! I don’t really want to run auto missions, though. I’m a researcher and every time I want to test some code I hve two options: 1) software in the loop simulations; 2) pack all my equipment and drive to the test-site. The first isn’t always helpful, the second is a pain in the neck, especially now that it’s crazy hot (I live in the northern emisphere so it’s summer here). If I could select auto mode while I’m in the lab, it would be soooo helpful. Unfortunately I can’t tell the details about what I’m doing, until my work is published.

If you don’t know where you are, how do you expect to navigate to a known position ?
We require positionning system and good state estimation for AUTO mode because it is needed… Without them you cannot navigate so it is useless to try to do things…
And on navigation side SITL is the same code as on real vehicle so the results will be the same.

ok so it is just a matter of having Auto mode indoor. Please check on the wiki the option we provide to have a position estimation and you will be able to have AUTO mode indoor