For the velocity control and position control

hello! I’m make code with arducopter 4.2.0. I want to control position and velocity to moving target. I used function “set_vel_desired_xy_cms” in AC_PosControl. When I work this function, I found some wavering. Is there any way to handle this wavering?

Lots of details are missing.
Could you please tell us what you’re trying to do, and why?
Also, why you’re not using Follow mode or sending the command with SET_POSITION_TARGET_GLOBAL_INT/SET_POSITION_TARGET_LOCAL_NED messages?
And finally, onboard logs help to figure out what’s going on.

For doing such mavlink control stuff, version 4.3.0-beta2 is advissable.

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To explain my current situation, I do Velocity control by turning on the control switch without using the mission planner. The target point is calculated using the IR lock and the gimbal and is controlled to move at a certain speed toward the position. However, when this particular speed is large, the copter suddenly shakes. I think it’s a problem caused by the large acceleration or Jerk, is there a way to solve this problem? I want to show you the video, but it’s not easy to upload because of the limited capacity. onboard log mean that such as rlog file?

I think this needs to be checked position and PID controller’s point of view.
To do this, you must send *.bin files on the SD card.
(BTW, I am not an expert on controller tuning, sorry :frowning:).