For Sale: Aluminum ArduBoat Hull (1M Long)

Hello, I’ve been designing and building a number of TIG welded aluminum hulls for my water quality and bathymetry projects and have one that I need to sell. This design is very efficient - but it turned out not to be the right design for this particular project so I am going to build a different hull, need to sell this one.

Photos are available here:

I have designed a rudder system which uses a 3D Printed Rudder, Servo Holder with a bolt, pipe, and flange to create a reliable sealed above-water-line steering system. I will include it and the servo, so all that will be needed in this is to connect that servo to your system. Steering - one of the biggest pains, already solved! :smiley:

It has a cutout on top for a Lowrance sonar unit - but I have a blank that can bolt in this hole to seal it up.

This is setup for a T100 thruster from BlueRobotics. The thruster is not included as it will be on the new design - though if you want it, I will include it attached/sealed for $120

If anyone wants this, I’m asking $250 shipped to the US. Let me know if interested if you have any questions!

Specs are:

  • Length: 1000mm
  • Width: 300mm
  • Material: 060 5052 Aluminum


  • Hull
  • Sonar Cutout Blank
  • Bolt on Lid
  • 3D Printed Plug for hole on back
  • Dome
  • Hour Meter
  • Hull
  • Steering/Rudder System

Hello, been following your posts for a while. Very interested in your boats, but i don’t know if i ever saw the specs, primarily the weight of the hull empty?

Hi, I know this post was a long time ago but it’s exactly what we need for a coral reef mapping expedition we are doing in March. I would love to talk to you about getting your (paid) help to build an ASV. Let me know if you’re up for it.