FOR SALE: a hobby


I want to throw in a feeler here, as i ran to a conclusion that all my babies are just sitting on shelves with no action for years now. I will offer them on ebay for peanuts - just frame cost, really, on an auction.
I would love them to go to somebody who would actually use them, for anything, really, strip them for parts, or fly as it is, all models are perfectly functional and operational.
I think of starting auctions at $99 each - just to sort out those with no commitment at all.

All models are rather unique, those are racing drones frames with arducopter guts, generally each larger model would have a gps, benewake TFmini lidar, ESP8266 board, TBS or comparable video curcuit, a radio link to taranis with yapuu telemetry feed. with notch filter all are flying pretty stable and are wicked fast. a FC would be a Kakute F7, a usual one or AIO. DSHOT ESCs. probably does not matter much now, which ones.

All run on V4.0.0-dev builds, only modification from master code was, i think, a compass orientation for 45deg pitch, i can give model files to anyone who decides to buy it, if desired.

again, it is mostly all on armattan frames that have lifetime warranty - a handy thing if you`ll find a way to damage them -which is almost impossible, they are tanks with titanium camera cages.

Larger frames are: rooster 6", chameleon 6", chameleon long range 7".

smaller frames will not have lidar and esp boards.
Gecko 3" and Gecko 4" - uses kakute mini

then there is a old armattan FPV Tilt frame, a big ass model with a 3 way gimbal for a gopro clone camera - also on a Kakute F7 and a small OWL frame, 2.5" i think one, on a Omnibus F4 nano.

If there are people interested - may be you could respond, i will eventually make all those listings on Ebay but i would prefer by far for all this to go to somebody who could at least know what to do with it all, properly.

And will then be dumping most of different parts i still have, dunno even how much is in there and what it is, a lot.

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So, here it all goes - pls bid if you are interested. Each model there is in area of $300+ of parts alone.

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There is some bidding activity there on ebay - greatly appreciated, if anyone from here participated.
I will start dumping parts tomorrow, mostly gonna go for a price of shipping, unless brand new and nice. Props, lidars, controllers, whatever is in the 50 gallon bin that is worth selling. :slight_smile:

Kinda insane how many props i have accumulated over the years and not even looked at some neither ever opened.