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Hope this is a quick and easy questions to answer. I have a V1 Iris. It is new to me, so I’ve been tinkering. I’ve managed to put in way points and have flown several missions, but wanted to check out Follow Me. If I have the copter in a hover, in front/above me, and also facing forward, and click on Follow Me on my tablet, what should it do at that point? Will it automatically detect it’s orientation, and try to circle around behind me if it’s in leash mode? Or will it stay in current location until I start to move. I’ve Googled this and have watched 50+ videos trying to find out, but am not having much luck. I was finally directed here. I hope I’m not flamed for this question, and I apologize if it has been asked. Unfortunately I didn’t find it.

The copter will turn and face you if the HDOP on your tablet is low enough, Red on follow me bad. Blue good.
Then Droid Planner will calculate your position and send it. Droid Planner doesn’t know which way you are facing until you move. We forgot to super glue a compass to your forehead(Flame).


Thanks for the flame, lol, no worries. I’m brand new to this and I’m trying to learn. Follow was lit up blue when it did this. The one time before that I had tried this, I noticed it was switching back and forth from blue to red, but I immediately landed. But this time it stayed green. So, I’m unclear as to why it did it. I will try again this weekend. Hopefully I’ll have better results.

Finally got it working!

Follow me works perfectly fine for me, but the copter is flying very slow (about running speed).

  • how can I increase speed?
  • can I use another flight mode but Loiter in Follow me?
    (using a Pixhawk with AC3.2 and DP2)

[quote=“mtbsteve”]Follow me works perfectly fine for me, but the copter is flying very slow (about running speed).

  • how can I increase speed?
  • can I use another flight mode but Loiter in Follow me?
    (using a Pixhawk with AC3.2 and DP2)

Increase the Loiter speed in the parameters of MP.

Thanks, I set it to 1000 and drone speed in FollowMe mode significantly improved. But now especially when I move slowly (walking speed), the drone starts oscillating heavily in pitch mode. I found a bunch of Loiter-related paramters, see screenshot below.
Can anyone provide me with some guidance which parameters I should tune to reduce the pitch oscillation?
Juts to add- under RC control, the drone flies perfectly stable in all flight modes incl Loiter and Guided.

Thx and a wonderful 2015!

Here is a log showing the pitch oscillation during a FollowMe flight:

Overview about my current Loiter Params:

Just so you know, follow me mode sends updates every few seconds as to your location like using Guided mode and say go here. It maybe that the shift in your position is causing it to backup and move forward causing the oscillation you are seeing.


yes I am well aware of this. To be more precise, DP updates position exactly every 2 sec.
This is not the point. The observed oscilations are of higher frequency (1-2 Hz)
My question was which param to finetune In order to smoothen the oscillation when I increase Loiter speed beyond the default of 500cm/sec.
Anyone here with more insights into the parameters I listed in my previous post?

I am try to using follow me mode few days,it is fine.
But I do not know how to setup the altitude height?
I am take-off by guide mode, my copter keep on 10M, then change to follow me mode, the copter keep at this altitude and follow me.

If you slide the bottom buttons up it will open a window to the other parameters one being height.


i am having trouble because the color will stay red never blue is there a way to change the minimum hdop value tried different phone’s samsung blu

What you are saying is that your phone can not get a good fix so the follow me function will not work until your phone has a good position. This prevents the copter from flying off to a position you are not at.

On the copter side you can set a lower HDOP but I would not recommend that using follow me.


hi mike thanks for the quick response wel if i look at the apps gui then the phone is blue but the drone is redisch but i tried before wiht a 3dr soko same thing i never got it to work just keeps hanging one spot that by the way works just fine even with 33mph gust

just checked my hdop on the drone is 1.3

i changed the hdop setting from the standard 200 to 600 still nada just keeps hanging there laughing

The Solex developer just changed his app to get Follow working again. According to his post, he believes that something either changed in the Android GPS API to make it less accurate or an actualy GPS issue, because Follow always worked, no software changes were made, but all of a sudden HDOP is being logged as higher than normal. He started posting to logs when HDOP was higher, and also increased the horizontal accuracy requirement from <10 meters to <15 meters. Not the best solution, but it was the only thing to get it working again.

His post is here:
“Follow/Me Fix:
So, I started getting frequent reports of Follow/Me not working. Follow/Me, unlike all other Follow modes on Solex, uses the device’s internal GPS to send locations to the vehicle. To avoid doing a terrible job of it, it filters out locations that have an accuracy of >= 10 meters (higher is worse). If a given location has a higher accuracy value than 10, it doesn’t send it to the vehicle. This code has been in place for almost 2 years, with no issues at all. When I started hearing about it not working, I investigated and saw that all of the locations logged in the debug log had an accuracy value of 10 meters at minimum. Not sure what’s going on there. Locations have historically had an accuracy value of <= 5 meters on a good Android GPS device. In any case, the 10-meter accuracy meant that no locations were getting sent to the vehicle. Adding to the confusion was the fact that on Simple Follow (the one on the map), I’m actually doing path prediction in those locations to make the path smoother, so I just set the accuracy value for those computed locations to 1 meter (Solo’s internal path prediction takes care of it in Follow/Me). So in an effort to make it clearer why it’s not working, Solex now displays an error message when the Android location value is inaccurate. To make it actually work, I adjusted the max-accuracy value to 15 meters, and now it works. Strange.”