Follow Me Offset?

First of all - THANKS! How cool is DroidPlanner? I’m really enjoying not having to lug my laptop around and playing with my new Nexus. Using a tablet with DroidPlanner is just fantastic.

I had my first play (test) with the Follow Me function as I’d like to have my copter automatically follow some rowers on a lake. It worked fine following me around the flying field running around like a crazy man. But I couldn’t find any setting to move it from being directly over me which is too dangerous for the filming I want to do. I was pretty sure there was a way to set an offset from the current location in Mission Planner but I don’t see those settings in DroidPlanner.

Is it possible to set an offset for the Follow Me function?

Also, my copter surges from point to point rather than flying smoothly between them. Is that just my setup or is that a function of the software? Is there a parameter I can set to smooth out the flying from point to point each 2 seconds?

Thanks again for the great software.

We are working to get some new follow me functions on the new version of DP, which will be released soon. They should fulfill your needs.

About smoothing the path we are currently not doing nothing, we are just pushing the GCS GPS position to the copter as faster as we can.

thanks for the effort into droidplanner.
very interested in the new follow me items to be added to droidplanner.

can i put in some requests?

  1. As original poster requested, the ability to set XYZ offset values to be applied to the GCS position.
  2. Option to have camera gimbal mount use the ‘follow me’ GCS position, I assume treating the GCS position as a constantly updated ROI to get the camera always pointing at the GCS.