Follow Me Navigation w. Rover

Admittedly, this is a rhetorical question, but I’d like to be absolutely, 100% sure before purchasing a Pixhawk and associated hardware…

Most videos and posts relating to rover applications are to do with “missions” where the rover follows GPS coordinates and/or things of that sort. Can I have a rover simply shadow me on land in “Follow me mode” similar to the videos of quad’s I’ve seen?

Providing this is achievable, is there an iPhone app to control the rover, or only android applications?

Thank you in advance!

Take a look at the Discussion on DIYD

Thank you @TCIII for taking the time to reply. Ultimately, I am looking for a complete hands-free means of having a rover follow me around without use of a laptop… Like using a telemetry radio clipped onto my belt that the pixhawk + GPS can follow. Do you know of any such examples out there??

I’ve seen this video on youtube ( where he used an Arduino Promini, GPS with compass, and telemetry radios on the rover and his person as a way to communicate his location to the rover and get it to follow him around. This requires some programming and is way too advanced for me. I was hoping to take advantage of the Pixhawk’s advanced technology and existing applications to achieve the same idea.

I’ve searched but cannot find any solid info on whether Follow Me is possible on Rover outside of Mission Planner (Tower, QGC, DP2, etc). The link that Tom provided above went dark. It works with MP but a laptop + GPS is not a portable solution in every environment. Anyone have this working on an Android tablet/phone?