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First post! Woohoo.

Haven’t bought anything yet but I like the DiY part very much. :slight_smile:

One of the tasks I want a multicopter to do is film me (and others) riding motorcycles on twisty roads. Can the APM do that with your new setup? What about trees along the route? Can one set the altitude for follow-me? Can the 'copter change directions as quickly as the bikes do (with current software, pretty sure the 'copter can do it physically)?
Does the 'copter have collision avoidance capability already or would I need to get the sensors and add software for that kind of functionality (for avoiding those tree limbs on all sides?)
Can we set a software ceiling, even though the roads are definitely not flat? (What would be the fun in a flat road even if curvy?) I think a constant height above the rider, along with the max ceiling (area dependent) would be ideal.
Do you guys use a barometer for altitudes? Or WAAS enabled GPS? Or what?

Hope I’m in the right area of the forum to ask these kinds of questions.


Too many questions and not in numbered list, so quick answers;

Yes, APM does this
Yes alt
No, not as fast as bikes
No collision avoidance
Yes, baro alt