Follow-me mode with visual tracking

Hi team,

I would like to build a quadcopter with Follow-me mode based on visual tracking with a Pixhawk.

I plan to use OpenCV libraries with a single-board computer. Would you advice Odroid, Snapdragon, Raspberry Pi, … ?

Can I use my regular camera or should I use a camera like raspberry pi camera v2, PX4FLOW Smart Camera, OpenMV Cam M7, PIXY Cmucam5, … ?
I don’t really understand whether these cameras have a single-board computer included.

Do I need a telemetry module for this ?

Thanks a lot

Hi Francois,
I am curious, did you ever do something with this idea? I would be really curious to give something like this a shot.


Hi Peter,

No I finally didn’t put any camera on my quadcopter but I built something
that flies well :slight_smile:

You can use the build-in follow-me mode on the Pixhawk. For more accurate
follow-me, you could probably use some machine learning algorithms of
visual recognizition.

Good luck with this project !


There’s a simple blob-tracking visual follow-me in dronekit-python
It could be modified to be more sophisticated.