Follow Me does not work

Just installed 2.7.8 and don’t know where to find documentation. When I hit follow me it hi lights in red and the copter just sits there and doesn’t move. After that when I do an auto mission the copter flies backwards and faces one direction no mater what I do. The droid planner links are to version 1. Give me a hint here or give me the cliff notes and I will write the documentation. Then maybe we can have a finished product that works.

Some info here!forum/droidplanner
and here … 6585781402

After using follow me which just shows in red even though the tablet GPS has 7 satellites and an hdop of 1.6.
Droid Planner then locks the YAW and camera in that position with no way to take back control. Will try and turn the copter but it just turns back around. Does not mater what flight mode you pick it’s hosed.

Have to disconnect droid planner and reboot the copter to fix this.

reconnecting with droid planner locks the copter up again so have to hard boot the tablet to get Droid Planner to knock it off.

Droid Planner: 2.7.10

What firm wear are you using in Quad ? I don’t think 3.1.5 will work. I use 3.2rc12 Beta in my APM2.6 and
in my Nexus DP 2.8.1 Beta. All works fine. Must make sure the Nexus has GPS on and located. This is all Beta !
Once in follow Me you won’t have control from TX until you change modes. I start in Loit then switch to AltHl to get out.

I am running 3.2.rc13 on an IRIS.
My issue is with Droid Planner messing with the camera and YAW when using Follow Me.
It may have been corrected in 2.8.1 Beta which I don’t have.

Retried with 2.8.2rc1 and the Follow Me mode turned blue and worked.
The camera YAW and angle were off and too high though.
After that the camera and YAW were hosed again. Could not get control of the camera angle with transmitter. In Auto mode the copter always pointed in the direction of the last Follow Me Yaw.
Had to disconnect the battery and Droid Planner to regain control.

Ok, got the camera gimbal to point in the correct direction.
Had to use the Gimbal dongle and set the parameters in Tilt setting for angle limits from min 0, max -135 to min 0, and max -90 on my Tarot Gimbal.
Second I had to change the MNT_ANGMAX_TIL from -45 to 0 and the MNT_ANGMIN_TIL from 45 to -90.

This is also set if you load new PIDs in Mission Planner for IRIS with Tarot Gimbal.

This makes the software calculate the correct angle for the camera so it’s not pointing at the ground or the sky. So if you fly at 15 meters and set the height at 15 meters for ROI you will point the camera straight ahead. Not very useful if you want to take a picture of action on the ground. So setting the height at 1 meter should point the camera at your shoes, well maybe more like your knees.

Still Follow Me does not always turn off once I turn it on. This causes it to continue to send ROI commands even when its in other modes such as Auto, Loiter, Position Hold, etc.