Foam plane VTOL ,WING Twist cause q_autotune fail

I assembled a mini talon, as shown in the figure.

When took off for the first time with the default parameters , I found that the wings of the aircraft were twisted and resonated very badly. I tried to change the PID parameters for many times, but nothing could be improved.

By chance, I changed the D values of all axes to 0 and found that the plane was slightly better. However, it is obvious that the foam plane is too soft, resulting in severe wing twist and flex in VTOL mode. I think this may be the root cause of the resonance of the aircraft.

So I added two carbon rods on the lower side of the wing, and added cross rods between the VTOL motors, as shown in the picture, in the case of low wind, the vertical take-off can basically maintain stability. There’s still some resonance when it’s windy, but it’s basically stable. But on the YAW, the wing twist is still visible. So I try to started q_autotuning, but the plane always failed to finish Q_autotune, I checked the wiki and found that foam planes are too soft and easily twist, which may cause q_autotuning to fail.

However, when I looked at the other people’s mini talon, I found that others did not seem to have this problem. In order to strengthen the structure of the wing and fuselage, the wing and fuselage were glued together. But the wings still twist. I think this is why the plane has been doing automatic tuning, but always can’t complete,

Isn’t a foam plane suitable for conversion into a vertical take-off and landing aircraft? Is there a better way to strengthen the wings so they don’t twist easily?

As you can see in my picture, I can only do so much reinforcement, but it also adds a lot of resistance.

any one have better idea?

the fly log:

I found another build in youtube, I think this build will be better .