Foam Armor for Foam Planes, promising?

we have developed a cool spray for all foam planes, currently available as small amount reinforcement for Nimbus VTOL.
available in light grey color now. do you think this technology will be promising?


Hi Jack,

Yes, as long as it doesn’t add too much weight. It looks great!

How much weight did it add to the Nimbus VTOL?


Great concept. Could be very useful.
Many people may like grey but I’d like to see colors that make the drone more visible.

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I want some, looks promising!

I like this idea.
Are you going to production with it?

300 grams apparently! I think “foam armor” is a cool name for some kind of an “epoxy/clear slap” I suppose. The question is whether it’s durable because I know that epoxy coats on foam don’t usually look nice for long.

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it adds 250-300g on Nimbus, we have tried to fly at 6kg with the coated nimbus for over 8 month, and it always worked fine.

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hi David
could you give me some suggestions on colors?
we can make nearly all colors except white.

it’s not epoxy and glass fiber cloth ,it looks like it was painted 8 month ago.
it can prevent scratches, even knife cutting, but don’t try to hit it with hammer, the foam under it is still foam, the thin layer can greatly improve the surface hardness and total rigidness.
I am thinking about to offer 1 or 2 nimbus with coating and same price to the original .

black should be the most visable, but it’s looks dirty after each flight.
maybe yellow or red should be possible?

yes, I am planning that, it will surely improve the lift time of foam planes and helps to produce lower price drones.

Please start production :slight_smile:
I’m going to have this stuff for my next builds.


Thanks for seeking input. I would like to see some high contrast colors like orange red and fire engine green. More than likley I would use these as accent colors along the leading edge of the wings and empenage.



I like the gray,but what works nice here in the desert southwest is Bright (matt) Red and deep (cobalt) Blue. In any color bring it on. we dont have soft grass to land our sailplanes on around here.

it’s not easy to use multiple color on the wing , better just use one color on wing or tail.
orange is a good option,

just tried on skywalker X8, however, the foam on x8 seems more “bubble like” but we figured out how to get a comfortable smooth surface then, will try if we can land with extra spray layer on the bottom

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The question is: where to buy?
Link, please, contact our sales please ,we have not put this on yet, you can use live chat or contact

I asked via email you’d posted but only misunderstanding was answer to me…
Guy on other side of email was very surprised by this stuff…

I asked by email also and was old it is only going on their Nimbus and not for sale as a product.