FMU and I/O lights

I am using pixhawk 2.4.8 and the FMU and I/O lights on the front do not turn on and when I try to connect the pixhawk to the computer with micro USB, the computer does not read the pixhawk, and when I try to power it with a lipo battery, pixhawk does not respond. There is only solid light middle of the pixhawk.

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What can I do can you help me ?

Good day,
its the first startup of your fc… or you have flash a different firmware?

I don’t remember exactly but most probably I have flashed different firmware
and all I did was take out the battery and put it in then this is what happened.

which firmware did you flash?
Before proceed to flash the firmware do you remember if you have click force bootloader coz that option it’s a little bit dangerous

Actually, i just started making drones, so i may have accidentally pressed what you said during the firmware installation, so I ordered a new pixhawk, this time I will try to install it more carefully. If I encounter the same error again, I will contact you again if you want. Thanks for everything

well you can recover your board without any problem… basically you need reflash the bootloader on the main MCU…

Is that possible to recover main processor ?
Mine has a main led stop blinking but tiny LEDs are work fine , after small crash gps also stop working but after month i don’t know gps unit started but pixhawk still at that point

Some flight controllers have the possibility to reflash the bootloader on the main MCU.
Some boards are equipped with jtag/swd connectors or pins… some you need put in DFU.

@Dave84 It’s a radiolink pixhawk. What’s i need to do ?

It’s not the first time I’ve hear about issues with radiolink pixhawk.
So if you have recover your fc you need have an stlink dongle… stlink tool software… the binary file of the bootloader.
If i remember well radiolink have own Mission planner and also binary files

Plz tell me in briefly i can’t understand much, i know radiolink have a own mission planner and own hex file but what about stlink ???

Sorry I apologize :sweat_smile:

stlink it’s an usb dongle equipped with an stm32 mcu that its necessary for flash… debug stm32 chips…using swd pins from the stlink to the swd pads or connector of the periph you can restore… erase… debug etc.
Hex file is use for no ardupilot native boards

were you able to resolve this?