Flywoo-f745 AIO - PWM output on ESC pads?

Maybe I dreamed this, but I could have sworn there was a way to drive make this AIO board output PWM (to drive servos) through one of the ESC pads for each motor? I’m sure I would need to manipulate the hwdef.dat file I’m just having issues finding any evidence of how.

Any help is appreciated.

Doubt that.
Pay attention to the Timer groups

PWM Output

The GOKU GN 745 AIO supports up to 8 PWM outputs. The pads for motor output ESC1 to ESC4 on the above diagram are the first 4 outputs, there are four additional pads for PWM 5-8. All 8 outputs support DShot as well as all PWM types.

The PWM are in 5 groups:

PWM 6: Group 1 PWM 1-2 and 7-8: Group 2 LED: Group 3 PWM: Group 4 PWM 3-4: Group 5

Channels within the same group need to use the same output rate. If any channel in a group uses DShot then all channels in the group need to use DShot. PWM 1-4 support bidirectional dshot.

PB0 TIM3_CH3 TIM3 PWM(1) GPIO(50) BIDIR # Motor 1
PB1 TIM3_CH4 TIM3 PWM(2) GPIO(51) # Motor 2
PE9 TIM1_CH1 TIM1 PWM(3) GPIO(52) # Motor 3
PE11 TIM1_CH2 TIM1 PWM(4) GPIO(53) BIDIR # Motor 4
PC9 TIM8_CH4 TIM8 PWM(5) GPIO(54) # Motor 5
PA3 TIM5_CH4 TIM5 PWM(6) GPIO(55) # Motor 6
PB4 TIM3_CH1 TIM3 PWM(7) GPIO(56) # Motor 7
PB5 TIM3_CH2 TIM3 PWM(8) GPIO(57) # Motor 8

Ok, but note that this is an All In One board. The ESCs are hardwired to those pins. I believe setting those motors to PWM will send PWM to the input of the ESC not to the output pad