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FlySky FS-i6X support

(D. Trainer) #1

Has anyone ever contacted for support ? I have tried to contact / register and have had no response.

(Liam Flavin) #2

I’ve never tried myself, but what is wrong with the radio?

(D. Trainer) #3

I managed to lose channels 7&8 by a factory reset. I have not been able to update firmware to retrieve them . Apart from that the radio works.


(Liam Flavin) #4


That’s very odd, not something I’ve heard of before. It’s been a while since I’ve updated the firmware on a flysky radio but I didn’t encounter any problems. Are you using one of the official update radio cables or a USB to FDTI converter? I think I did the latter because it’s what I had at the time. I assume you’re using the updater from their website?


(D. Trainer) #5

I believe its the former from Banggood. The chip on the board is

Thanks for your interest

(D. Trainer) #6

hi again Liam,

  Further to my last mail I decided to go through the radio set up

and double check everything. The channel mix settings are out but
that is probably something I can sort. While scrolling around I
found channels 7&8 and even 9&10 at the bottom of an aux
channels menu where I had never been before. As yet untested this
may explain the firmware update issue… you can’t update
something that is already there !

Thanks again


(Liam Flavin) #7

Sorry that I missed this, I was moving house this weekend. Have you been able to map the aux channels to anything and control them?

(D. Trainer) #8

Hi again

  I put ch7 & 8 on VrA & VrB and they worked ok on the

radio display. I then connected the FC to Mission Planner and did
a radio calibration and again they reacted the way they should. I
have not yet hooked up to the camera gimbals as I am waiting on
some cables. these may take some time from Banggood but I think it
should work ok.

Good luck with the new house.


(Liam Flavin) #9

If mission planner is picking up the channels then I’d be surprised if it didn’t work fine with everything else.


(D. Trainer) #10


  Cobbled together a cable and after some fiddling with Basecam

software the system works. Happy days. Douglas