Flysky FS-I6x only 8 channels

Hi, I’m setting up the radio with pixhawk and mission planner. The radio has activated all 10 channels, I have configured the output in ppm and s.bus, but in the mission planner only the first 8 channels are active. What am I doing wrong? I want to use the VBA and VBR switches to control a two-axis gimbal …

And I have another strange thing, I have swa and swb switches assigned to channels 7 and 8 without any function, but when I activate the channel 7 switch the throttle channel is put in the intermediate position with the stick down!!!

Thank you. Gilbert.

Typically these radios (the receiver actually) only do 8 channels of PPM output. Some ia6b receviers with older firmware only do 6 channels of PPM output.

The problem with the throttle jumping to middle could be caused by a mix.