Flying way too fast between way points


I’ve been flying my IRIS+ since December and have just noticed something weird recently. When my drone does an automated mission, it goes a bit too fast. I was testing it yesterday with the gimbal and GoPro and it is racing to finish the mission. I changed my WPNAV params awhile back, but have set them to default when loading the IRIS+ w/ gimbal params. Could someone give me some info on how to fix this/slow it down?

This is currently what my WPNAV params are at;

I’m currently rendering both videos (dronie + automated mission) to show what I mean.

Thanks, Scott.

Maybe you can find the answer there.

Cheers man, didn’t know the defaults were there. Back to normal now, thanks!

Glad that helped. Looking back at the parameters the default is 5/ms or about 11mph. Seems pretty conservative. Have fun flying.