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Flying at 4500m - Question

Hi all. maybe I will have to fly at 4500m altitude ASL.

I’m usign Ecalc to try to find a proper combination of motor/prop and I can see that a combination that is suitable at 4500m, at 0m the max power is over the limit of the motor and vice versa, a good combination at 0m is underpowered at 4500m.

Besides that, do you have any experiences or tips related to flying at such high altitudes?

My plane is a twin motor, 3.7kg AUW.

Thanks in advance.

If you are going to fly at 4500m, choose a setup that works at that altitude. Why should it matter that this setup will be over the limits at sealevel? Or do you plan to fly from 4500m to sealevel?

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