Flying a mission on a windy day

I’m new to MP. I’ve flown several missions on calm days with my Levantec V2. But on windy days the plane can’t progress upwind and the mission falls apart and the plane gets confused. How can I get the plane to vary the throttle upwards when the ground speed drops too low? Thank!


Set’s the minimum ground speed in cm/s

Thanks for your reply, Mark. A lot of questions go unanswered here, so I appreciate it. So I looked in the parameter list (full), and found that the descriptions do not clearly state whether they’re talking about ground speed (GPS) or air speed. They do talk about a “sensor”, so that sounds like a true pitot tube sensor to me. On the other hand, a gps is a sensor too. Even the description for fMIN_GNDSPD_CM mentions it only works if the plane is under AIRSPEED control. Do you, or anyone know whether MIN_GNDSPD_CM needs a pitot tube sensor to work? I don’t have one on my Levantec Raptor.