Flying a copter using only telemetry

I have been trying to fly a copter using MP SITL and no radio transmitter. If I set mode to Stabilize I can “takeoff” but then the mode automatically changes to Guided. Why is this? OK once the copter reaches takeoff altitude, I can involk the “fly to here” command from the mouse drop down and the copter goes where I say. Now…If I change the mode to loiter, the copter comes down and lands. I would have though it would have held altitude. If I change the Alt hold, same thing.

So, can I fly using only telemetry commands? Seems like I can do a takeoff, guided to a point, then RTL, but what else.

Not an Arducopter related question. Post in in the Mission Planner thread.

We fly non simulated copters with telemetry from start to finish with guided mode and no RC.

So yes it is possible. But you do need to learn how to use guided mode.

Like I said, I know how to take off and enter guided mode. Then I can do a “fly to here” and finally RTL. The Ardupilot doc on Stabilize mode says that you can take off in stabilize, then switch to loiter but when I switch to loiter the copter lands. Like I asked I would have thought loiter mode woujld be OK but seems like it isn’t.

So, is the only move commands are fly to here in guided mode until you want to RTL?

I was wondering if there was a way to fly to a point, in guided, and then enter a circular orbit or loiter mode but it seems this is not possible., or is it?

I do have my telemetry set up using Bluetooth. Yes, I know it is not long range but it might work for a few meters and a good way to test some of the failsafe features like what happens when telemetry is lost.

Once you change out of Guided or Auto mode you need some sort of throttle input (and others). SITL is basically seeing 0 throttle, so the copter descends.
You can setup your RC transmitter with a USB lead, that’s quite easy, or even get a USB game controller.
The time spent is rewarding, because you can also test out your Transmitter switch settings and mixing, and practice flying.

Can you please show me where I can learn how to use my transmitter as a joy stick to MP using a USB cable as you mentioned above. My transmitter, a FlySky, does have a jack on the bottom but I have no idea as to how to use this.

I have used a game controller but as someone said below it does not work very well.

I found a cable on Amazon and have ordered one. Thanks all for the tips.