Flying a copter at 17k ft

Hey All,
I’m looking for advice on high-altitude flying. According to ecalc our aircraft should manage just fine, but I know real world conditions can be quite different. Our aircraft uses 13" props and has an AUW of 3.2kg.

It’s not only a question of power but at that height you should have an eye on temperature (battery capacity) and specs of your baro. You’ll have less than half of the pressure compared to sea level.

Yeah, I believe you’d just need a slight increase in prop size, and maybe battery warmers prior to use.
I’m not experienced with this though… Just what I read.

Yes, for that height you will need a complete new design. I don’t know what is the objetive of the project, but a multirotor is not a good flying machine for that high altitude. Maybe a fixed wing could do the job better.
Then, at this height, air density is about 50% that at sea level. That means that the thrust power for a multirotor should be 4 times the weight.
Then, temp would be arround 0ºF.
Consider also the amount of energy (battery size) that you will need to go up there and then do something. Be aware that flying time calculations at sea level are not valid.
There are special propellers for high altitude, but probably and without making any calculation, they will be closer to 28" than to 13".
So… for high altitude is needed a high altitude design.

I can’t really say much about flying at 17k feet but I can tell you about living at high altitude. If you are not accustomed to being at high altitudes at would not recommend flying there. I have gone from sea level to 14k feet a few times and the transition period to acclimating to roughly 50% atmosphere can take a few days. In the mean time you can expect acute hypoxia or mountain/altitude sickness, neither of which are much fun. If you currently live somewhere at a higher altitude, let’s say 6 to 9k your transition will be easier but you should still be aware of the physiological effects. Personally I find the difference between 14k feet and 18k feet to be considerable if you have a fairly rapid ascent. But if you are used to high altitude living you already know this for yourself.

In terms of temperature. at 14k feet in the summer temperatures weren’t always cold. Some days would be up to 70F and some days you would see snow. Either way make sure to bring sunscreen.

hey guys at a height of 10km the winds blow 100km / h … Regards

I can tell you straight out, its not gonna happen.

I have a hex with4006-740Kv motors swinging 13" props. It has a TOW (take off weight ) of 3215 grams.

On a 10000mAh 4S battery its good for about 18 minutes with 20% “get back home” current reserve.

As has already been said, if you really what to hit 17K feet, use a fixed wing aircraft.

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