Fly withouot motor

Hello, this is Sergio, my question is how can I setup my motorglider, I need that the plane stop the motor when I want in the mission. Other question is how can see the percent of the throttle in the mission planner. Thanks a lot

With respect to the issue of how to display the Throttle Percentage in Mission Planner, you can do this one of three ways that I can think of. First you can open the status tab and look for the item ch3percent, this will give you your throttle percentage. If you want a bit easier way to view the percentage you can open the quick tab, double left click any of the fields (choose one you don’t mind replacing) from the window that opens up, choose the ch3percent item and this will then display your throttle percentage on the quick tab. Lastly you can right click the HUD display window and choose user items, select the ch3percent item. A new window will open up that gives you the opportunity to rename the displayed item if you choose (hint add a space or two after the name, otherwise you will not have any space between the name and numbers displayed). Now the throttle percentage will display as on overlay on the HUD. That’s how you can vies your throttle percentage!
I’m not sure how you can shut down the motor, but I think I remember hearing about a way to do it in order to reduce vibrations while taking a picture. Keep looking, so will I.

Thanks a lot! I have resolve the problem with the throttle percent buts my principal questions is what setup I have to modify for glider, I need stops the motor when the glider has enought altitude for be efficient, Anybody help me? Thanks! :smiley:

I’m not a big gliding expert, but it’s not obvious for me is it more energy effective to use “climb-glide” cycles (if you’re not using thermal streams) rather than level flight with low throttle.