Fly Sky TH9X & F550 w/ Naza V2

Hello Everyone,

Was hoping for a bit of help getting the new bird up. First specs and sorry in advance for the length…want to get details out.

Transmitter: FS-TH9X (Came with a 3DR Aero, NO:H2145538). Looked up a few manuals but the settings didn’t match to easily switch to heli. Haven’t been able to find a factory reset.
Receiver: D4R-II
Craft: F550
Firmware: 4.06
Assistant Software: 2.40
Main Controller: Naza V2

I’ve updated the firmware and begun the calibration. Motor tests checked out fine. Under the basic -> RC instructions. The control stick Aileron, Elevator, Throttle, Rudder calibration checked out fine. Unable to determine how to Control Mode Switch to map to the only 3 position switch on the TX.

Any help is greatly appreciated!