Fly by mavlink topic?

I am thinking of using raspberry pi or similar computing platform for maneuvering quad using joypad on the ground.
Has anyone done this?

Hi Lim,

You can use a joypad with Mission Planner or MAVProxy. I’ve used it with my Bebop2 and it works pretty well (but a dedicated radio controller is still the best).

Hi can I ask you a question here ?

I just want to know if the whole idea of Ardupilot is to send the MAVlink commands over the RC only I mean cant I use MAVProxy to send the commands directly to Bebop2 over wifi ?or is it just the way Ardupilot project works where it has to pass through the RC ? because I want to do Autonomous missions only and I do not want to use RC .

Thank you in advance.

I actually started out by flying via Mission Planner using the USB joystick option (Configuration tab). I built a cockpit that used rudder pedals for yaw, a separate remote pot for throttle, and the joystick for pitch and roll, all connected via the joystick. It’s easy to program the buttons on the joystick to do flight mode changes on the fly.
For autonomous only, after loading your mission into your UAV, you can use the Actions tab in Flight Data to send mode change commands to your aircraft.
Hope this helps.

BTW, I’ve recently transitioned to an RC radio, and I find the control resolution and sensitivity to be superior, to say nothing of the convenience.