Fly aways caused by weird Y-Axis vibrations

Hello Community,

I would like to get some hints from you about what can be the root cause of the consecutives fly away I have in my flights, when I try do some aggressive with pitch forward in position hold or altitude hold modes.
Vibe logs:

My quad setup:
frame x5 230mm
Propeller: 3 blades 5045
FC: Omnibus F4 Pro V3
GPS: Beitian BN-250
Display: SSD1306
motors: 2205 2300KV 4S
battery: 4S 1550mA 100C
ESC Configurations:

Please check the log files here
Many thanks for your support in advance.

For me, the problem is something related to frame rigidity, or you have some screws in the motor mounts that are not tight. You can try the motor test in Mission Planner and check one by one if something is not ok.