Fly away my little friend

So today thought I’d have a quick fly around the local field . Well seems I lost a friend. had GPS lock on 14 satellites fresh batterys in the controller and drone, tho nope didn’t want to play with me anymore. So just took off and left me in the middle of the field.

Darn… did you manage to recover it? It’s hard to see at the distance but the trajectory looks like it would have crashed into the far building at full speed… ouch…

I was recommended to rotate 360 one direction and then 360 back immediately after take off to help the compass settle.Whether that’s got anthing to do with your flyaway i’ve no idea.

@CLabeck I did manage to recover it . It did crash into the building but from what I could tell there was no obvious damage.

@Jagger not had a chance to check any logs as of yet to see what the issue was. Tho I will definitely start doing what you have suggested, if it limits the chances of it happening again.

Interesting. The moment mine flew out of range it immediately flew straight back.

@Dude to be honest that’s what I was expecting to happen.

Yeah, post the logs. Will be interesting the see. In the future, you’ll probably want to take over in alt-hold (indoor) if you see it doing that. Take most of the auto out of the equation.

so one of my motors went out and I returned it to the store had a brand new one out of the box with a fully charged battery and updated firmware. I use the mission planner mostly now ( QGroundControl since skyrocket can’t get right. lol) any way I have flown this same mission several times so I know 1 it will stay connected to the laptop and 2 that it is more then capable of completing the mission. so it takes off and starts following the waypoints I mean way point on the way to the first one it looses connection and its out of sight out of mind don’t know where it went when I look at the log for the ground control it shows me where it lost connection however it is no there wtf man come on skyrocket with theses hit and miss surprise drones. I almost own all of the drones you all have put out only missing Spiderman with cam; but this journey release has be by far the worst 3 out of 6 have been ko out of the box and out of the other 3, 2 of them motors burned out and 1 just flew the F*** away $120 gone like URRRRRGGGGGG I love you as a brand and history. However, this upgrade from the stunt drone all the up to the 2700gps has made you all look bad. The old ones were durable motor change was simple and my old journey never flew away tighten up Skyrocket or you loose the true customers you have.