Fly away and crash

My second day of tests, i have a fly away and than my X8 crash.[size=150][/size]
I just start to fly with pixhawk.
My equipment is a CineStar X8 with ZTW Spider 40A opto
Motor QC 3328 from Quadrocopter
Props APC 14X4.7
Was perfect and stable. And than I lost control, copter start to go away for about 100m and 20m high.
I all flight modes and no control. I turn off and on again the radio and don t work.
After couple seconds the copter start to folow and crash.

Somebody can help me please.

There is no GPS data in the 79.bin file. Was that the log of the flight with the crash. Did you have a working GPS?

Yes, was the last flight. I was using the Pixhawk GPS.
And I change for Stabilize and Alt Hold mode and don’t change.

I would suggest going back through your TX setup and the initial setups in Missionplanner including insuring that the radio is changing flight modes on the ground before getting airborne again. There was no indication in the logs of any switching of flight modes so it seems to be radio setup related.

Does MP show your GPS to be working while sitting on the ground?

Have you worked through all of this successfully; ?

I fix the GPS problem thank you.