Fly-Away after ELRS Failsafe

Need help. I had a fly-away and I’m trying to understand why. I was using Ardruplane Dev version 4.2.0 on a Maytek 405-STD with ELRS and a DJI FPV system. The plane had no GPS as the only reason I was using an FC is that ELRS RXs have no PWM outputs for the servos and the plane is for short-range proximity flying only. I tested the failsafe on the bench by turning off the TX and the motors would stop so I figured all was good. I did a maiden flight and all looked good. Second flight out the ELRS failsafe and Ardruplane entered failsafe mode but instead of killing the motors it sped up, climbed out and entered what looked to be a random pattern of circles starting with counter clockwise, clockwise and back to counter-clockwise. At one point it just flew straight between the turns. Any idea what happened? Can anyone tell me how to have Ardruplane just kill the motors on a failsafe since I don’t have GPS? Looks like AFS_ENABLE=1 and AFS_TERM_ACTION=42 might work?
Thanks - John

we’d need to see a log to be sure, but most likely what happened is it tried to RTL without ever having had GPS lock.
You need to set the FS actions FS_LONG_ACTN and FS_SHORT_ACTN to “glide” which is value 2. That way it will turn off the motor and keep the wings level.

Unfortunately, the plane is lost so no log. Question, FS_SHORT_ACTN option 2 is FBWA. Does that sound right? I assume it would stabilize under the short action and once it times out it will kill the motor and keep gliding straight under the long action? Thanks!

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